Der Faustsche Pakt auf dem Teufelsberg

In October 2013, the IMD visited the site of the former field station on the Teufelsberg in Berlin. In order to convey the multi-tiered history of the place, a corresponding local approach of the grounds has been planned: View of the ensemble from the observation deck of the bell tower at the Olympic Stadium - walking approach and ascent from the Berlin-Grunewald S-Bahn station - inspection of the grounds and the buildings (Tour by Katharina Beckmann, co-author of the book "Field Station Berlin") - Retrospect of the Teufelsberg from the observation deck from the Grunewald Tower.

Photography _Philipp Reinfeld and Matthias Karch

Directed by _Philipp Reinfeld with Prof. Matthias Karch _Sa., 26.10.2013

TEUFELSBERG _glockenturm-view The group in the Grunewald Teufelsberg-wineyard Guidance by Katharina Beckmann Entrance situation Assist-protect-defend The documents destroying room The documents destroying room Making bricks out of paper Collect-and-destroy information Hardware trash British sector _central spy room Detail of a bugproof-room IT-infrastructure in the ceiling British sector _spy rooms British sector _sitting rooms American sector _spy cubicle Roof _removed radar systems The group at the rooftop Main auscultation tower Roof _removed radar systems RADOM-platform RADOM-platform Main auscultation tower Inside the destroyed RADOM RADOM platform Fuller-construction Viewing the second TEUFELSBERG hill Buckminster Fuller knot systems Viewing the 1933-olympic stadium Grunewald with Havel-lake Grunewald with Havel-lake Inside the top RADOM The group in front of GRUNEWALDTURM Grunewaldturm _viewing Havel-lake GRUNEWALDTURM _viewing teufelsberg