Light|Motion|Colour|Space_MD 1

In the MD 1 course Light|Motion|Colour|Space, the artistic approaches of Otto Piene and Olafur Elliason were investigated in acomparing creative and comparative manner. Although their oeuvre originated in a completely different time context there are many parallels that can be drawn between them.

In the case of Ellisason a direct reference or inspiration of Piene can be seen in a lot of his works. In the design course their methods of research and work were investigated, especially in terms of space transformational processes.

The relationship between geometry and light from the beginning on was set to the foreground and was later in the process accompanied by the influence of movement of the resulting created objects and their influence to their surrounded/embedded space. With the utilization of digital and analog working methods complex objects could be realized.

The curriculum was thus working on the intersection of geometry,
light, movement and space and especially on the interacting mechanisms and interactions between them.

Directed by: Daniel Büning