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Braunschweig's inner-city passages are dead.

This process started with the opening of a huge mall in the city center which pulled window-shoppers out of the pedestrian precinct. Covid and the lockdowns gave this process the final push - most passages are empty and host not more than one or two remaining shops, some are closed down or about to do so.
The decaying typology is now a dead corpse, a zombie, reminiscent of a time before internet shopping.

We took the chance to document this phenomenon.
Each group of students went to take a series of "the horror, the horror"-photographs to get closer to the atmospheric qualities and architectonic essence of their assigned passage.

By drawing a series of sections and combining these into a graphic system, the spatial qualities, historic changes, and atmospheric observations were condensed.

In the final step, a 3D model was created from that section graphic.
The resulting model, therefore, is not a geometric representation of the space, but a carefully crafted and conceptualized "reverse-model" that shows architectonic qualities, atmospheric observations, spatial combinations, and artistic interpretations of the given passage.

Concept and directed by Nicolai Schlapps
Student tutor Jan Funk
Student work by
Joost Dräger, Mareile Gey, Laura Ivanov, Karlotta Ingwersen
Rieke Ahlvers, Johanna Dexel, Ole Magnus Harms, Sief Kuban, Sonja Sorgenfrey
Antonia Cordes, Leonie Fock, Jan Hüls, Jasmin Lammerskitten
Yasmin Aggour, Adriana Gens, Christina Geronikolu, Ibaa Labadi, Viktor Przyborowski