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Mohammad Reza Abdollahi Bidhendi

Mohammad Reza Abdollahi Bidhendi was born in 1988 in Tehran/ Iran. In 2014, he completed his Master's degree in architecture at QIAU in Qazvin. Due to his interest in digital architecture and spatial Storytelling, he moved to Germany and started his second Master's degree in Architecture at TU Braunschweig in 2019.

His focus is on Storytelling about political and cultural issues and presents them in the form of a virtual installation, either as a still image, video or in VR format.

With his virtual reality project "Far from Home. A VR experience" (developed as part of the teaching and research project "Architectural design in virtual reality - VR space drawing" ), he won a recognition award at the WOLFSBURG AWARD for urban vision 2020.

Student works:
WOLFSBURG AWARD for urban vision 2020

AD Rural Taxonomy - Rheinland

AD In Limbus

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