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MEDIA DESIGN | Augmented genius loci – PhotoStitching reality

Google Street View and Microsoft Bing Streetside are the leading online picture services at present, which enable towns to be navigated visually from eye-height on the basis of photographic illustrations. Individual pictorial sources overlay, expand and penetrate the commercially created photos of places by means of integrating private collections of photos on platforms like Flickr or Photosynth. However, an all-embracing reconstruction of the “endless” 3D space - by means of the two-dimensional photos which are established in the part and perspective - remains basically unattainable: the camera´s partial picture is always bound to produce an “Off” from the pictorial representation of the place, irrespective of how dense and comprehensive the photographic recordings will be.

Some of the currently available photo services will be investigated in detail during the “Photo-stitching reality” seminar. How would the reconstruction of a location appear solely on the basis of its available pictorial data, subject to utilizing different techniques?

Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld