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MEDIA DESIGN | Soundscapes

The project investigates the perception and representation of space, which is determined by the aural structures. The task is to capture the sound of a place and interpret it spatially-structurally. For this purpose, different media come to use, such as phonographic notations, photo montages, photograms, relief and community models for the application with which the tonal qualities of a place can be spatialized. The two-and three-dimensional products reflect the acoustic appearance of the tonal movement paths. These are not illustrations, but constructions displaying the sound image in another medium. Their purpose is to show the structure of the sound work beyond association images. They visualize the temporal and spatial course of the acoustic representation and open up a structured dialogue between sound, line, surface area and space.

The phonetic representation of a place presents itself in so-called "Soundscapes". The term "soundscape" combines the words "sound" and "landscape". Soundscape presumes an analogy to the landscape and designates the tonal representation of an urban or natural landscape. A visual landscape appears static, whereas the phonetic representation is dynamic, because without movement no acoustic event takes place. To listen, activities, processes, deviations and vibrations are required. Soundscape is a musical setting of a place and refers to materials and building forms. A reverb or echo occurs only in a specially shaped and equipped room.

The sounds of a place have a spatial quality, for they come from certain directions and distances and stand in a spatial relationship to the sound producer and the listener. A soundscape is the acoustical intristic curve of the environment which surrounds us. Soundscape focuses not on a single, isolated sound, but to all of the sounds located in a specific area or a particular situation. A soundscape also includes sounds, which we do not want to hear, may not like, or which we usually eliminate from our conscious perception and have learned to ignore. The concept of soundscapes implies that the sounds reach the listener as a sum, as a totality of all directions of a space without selection.

Directed by:
Carolin Höfler