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MEDIA DESIGN | Sensitive Volume

SENSITIVE VOLUME specifically aims to work out complex spatial constructions in the medium of analogue drawing and to develop the possibilities of one's own 'signature’ in a process-oriented design.

The perception of space is always related to a subjective experience. It is always individual patterns of experience that define and constitute a place or its atmosphere and effect for us. The drawing workshop SENSITIVE VOLUME deals with the question of which elements and phenomena make up the ambiguity of a room and how these can be worked out in a drawing. In the further development of the drawings we work with collages, reliefs and space-forming models.

Possible focal points of the project work are e.g.: the different viewing and representation of the same space, the effects of a change of perspective, exploring the ambivalence of INSIDE and OUTSIDE, questions of two- and three-dimensionality, also strategies of fragmentation and the reassembly of the fragmented parts.

The aim is to represent an 'infinite threshold space’.

Directed by
Nicole Nickel

Ruba Charina, Flora König, Laura Leinert, Zoe Lißner, Jona Maaß, Teresa Nguyen, Milena Nitsche, Réka Vágási, Caroline Zessack