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MEDIA DESIGN | Only the appearance does not deceive _Design of a structural constellation

In his graphic work, the artist and Bauhaus teacher Josef Albers thematised the irritation of the eye through ambiguous geometric shapes, which cannot be unified in one image space. The spatially represented line and area structures appear to be of contradictory views in nearer inspection, which require a constant change of perspective. In this impromptu design, the graphically illustrated space structure is to be transferred into a three-dimensional folded object. For this a "structural constellation" of Albers is to be analyzed graphically, whereby each line that separates a color in the image turns into a folding line.

The defining design criteria of the Folded object is the equivalence of positive form and negative space. Albers' call for an "activation of the negatives", the space between the remainder areas and supplement volumes determines not only his own artistic work, but also on the folding and folding based material exercises of his students. In the paper foldings, the geometric figure changes itself into the base, which in turn is modeled on a figure. Figure and base, body and space, inside and out are at the crease in a mutual working relationship. The fold as "a kind of thing in between or third figure" (Peter Eisenman) aims at creating a dynamic of space by expressing a new relationship between the basic categories of the traditional way of perceiving.

On the basis of the object a modular folded structure emerges. To this the object is changed into an addable module element, reproduced and joined in serial sequence to an element association. The association can be described as a textile tectonic where the textile itself becomes tectonic. Alternatively to the principle of load and support, the structure is produced out of a yielding material that receives strength and stability through folds, weaving and knotting.

Directed by: Carolin Höfler