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EXHIBITION | Video reprojections

The interdependence of place and picture will be explored in an experimental way during the “Video re-projection“ seminar. Parts of a place that were recorded with the video camera do not remain in the two-dimensional window of the monitor as a classic reproduction medium but they will be back-projected at the scale of 1:1 in the recording´s space. A complex system arises from spatial pictures and pictorial spaces which are merged with one another by means of overlaying the place with recordings of the place.

The differences between the recorded place and the projected place as well as the viewer´s individual angle of view into the space enable another, multiple perception of the place.
The extraordinary spaces of Braunschweig´s former telephone exchange will be available as an integral component of the project (demolished at the end of 2010). The projects that are developed during the semester will be realized locally in a one-week workshop in cooperation with Berlin´s video artist Philipp Geist and then presented publicly.

Acknowledgements: Joachim Berger, from brain GmbH, Dirk bei der Kellen, Michael May, from the Gauss IT Centre, Braunschweig Technical University, Ilan Katin, from Garage Cube

Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld with Philipp Geist

Daniel Hahn

Martin Franck, Hendrik Lindemann

Robert Tubbenthal

Dhana Josel, Kyra Görlich

Chris Setyono, Marie Tzschentke, Maike Weiser