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MEDIA DESIGN | Space projections – Augmented genius loci

The "Augmented genius loci" project explores the potentials for the production of architecture, which will be created from overlaying digital pictures and the real space. Four video projectors will be placed in EMD´s media laboratory in such a way that their photos each play a part in the space´s surfaces. The projected rays will not hit the screen's surface vertically but obliquely while doing so, which represents a flat wall less than a structure of spatial surfaces which are staggered behind each other. The edges of the respective projection surfaces adjoin or overlap each other in such a way that a pictorial panorama of 270 degrees is created, which stretches beyond the spatially pictorial surfaces of the screening place. Architectural photographs serve as the projected pictures, which were taken by the students first of all and then have been overlaid with the media laboratory´s spatial structure. Three-dimensional pictorial surfaces are created by blending the photographs and the space, which will be interpreted as drawings.

Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld