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EXHIBITION | Tape Deck _2000 m Tape

In an empty shop in the Atrium Center opposite the main railway station, the students are to examine the interplay of drawing and space. The passage is part of one of the building complex's Friedrich Wilhelm Kraemer planned in the 1970's which includes three towers and a hotel. The floor to ceiling windows are an important formative crucial element within the row of shops. Apart from its importance to enclose space they act as intermediaries between interior and exterior. In this they alternate in their importance between a divisive and unifying element. Its transparency allows vistas that are irritated by the reflections. Structures of the external space seem to appear again in the interior. Reflections and real space elements melt together into new constellations. Only by a change of perspective through movement do the perspective points shift, and it is possible to disentangle the real and virtual space. This phenomenon is to be studied and implemented graphically. Through the interaction of spatial and temporal components, rhythmic drawings are to be produced that allow a new interpretation of the architecture. With the help of tape the graphics are implanted as space drawings on site. The shop windows become projection areas on which the interior and exterior space is portrayed. Once again space and two-dimensional information are merged.

Directed by: Katharina Puhle