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EXHIBITION | Modular spatial installations | Braunschweig

Design and Realization of multiple 1:1 Spacial Installations for the Foyer of the TU BS Rectorate Building

In the design course “MODULAR SPACIAL INSTALLATIONS” a spacial installation for the Foyer of the Rektorat which is located at the Forumsplatz should be designed and realized. Therefore the local and spacial conditions and dynamics at this-for the TU Braunschweig- very important location should be considered within the form-finding process of the design.

The course communicated an in depth knowledge of the creation of digital/ analog form-finding strategies in combination with a qualified techniques for the fabrication of a spacial full scale installation which is composed out of an array of individual modules.

The focus therefore was set on the development of a smart module which by its embedded assembly logic and in multiplication is suitable to compose geometrically complex structures.

Latest developments in the area of simulation software allowed for the usage of physical-form-finding methods within the framework of a contemporary digital design environment such as Rhino 3D.

The implementation of a digital process chain allowed the students to control the complex geometry of the resulting installatiins throughout the entire production sequence. The resulting works therefore can be seen as a congruent 1:1 physical representation of the pre-defined digital 3D

Directed by: Daniel Büning