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MEDIA DESIGN | Experimental Print Graphic |Exhilarated with the depth

Experiments between surface and space

Architectural photography usually serves for the purpose of illustrating a place which exists in reality. The photographer only needs to choose the subject, viewpoint and focal length in order to convey his view of the space. The viewer is able to interpret this view by means of defining the volumes, proportions, positions or distances. Not only the relationship of the elements with each other but also the relationship with the surrounding space play a central role while doing so. All the design elements of visible spatial edges, overlays, transparencies, perspective distortions, shadows, colour and blurs serve for orientation in the pictorial space or composition, or they can distort it consciously.

These elements which enable the space to be reconstructed in such a way that the space can be interpreted ambiguously despite the lacking third dimension, shall be investigated and manipulated in this seminar. The photographer leaves the position behind the camera for this purpose and he begins to orchestrate the real space for the camera so that the spatial relationships of the pictorial elements are distorted.

Distances and perspectives shall be neutralized through consciously controlled manipulation of the space. The chosen systems of reference will be blurred further with the aid of printed, graphic, experimental arrangements, so that the spatial logic and superficial abstraction blend into a new system. An ambiguous interpretation of the pictorial space is created because the foreground and background merge. This “grey zone” applies to be investigated, increased and interpreted spatially.

Directed by:
Katharina Puhle