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MEDIA DESIGN | ARCHPLUS-competition | Simple systems - complex capacities

Brief description of the ARCHPLUS-competition 'Simple systems - complex capacities', where the IMD took part with some students:

Materials can display varied characteristics without change to their chemical makeup. The difference then emanates from its structure. Nature demonstrates masterfully how one and the same material can be structured differently due to changing conditions and requirements. The performance of natural systems is based on such structural differentiation. The key question of the competition is therefore how the immense potential of material structural differentiation can be instrumentalised for architecture and the built environment. A first premise lies in the question of the right scale that enables accomplishing spatial organisation, material self-organisation, as well as load-bearing and microclimatic modulation capacities to be developed from structural differentiation. When considering the scalar spectrum, ranging from the macro-scale of a building to the micro-scale of the molecular composure of a material, it becomes clear that material systems constitute an intermediary or meso-scale. A second premise lays in the development of a systematic approach. What is at stake here are not only materials per se, but rather the material and the constructive, as well as material and structural characteristics that arise from an exchange with a specific environment. A third premise lays in the choice of tools, which allow for the differentiation of structures in the design process and also deliver a link to manufacturing, is crucial. The task is to rethink architecture as a systemic exchange and feedback between form, material, structure, its production (fabrication and assembly) and its effects (performance).

Directed by: Carolin Höfler with Prof. Matthias Karch