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In the center of the design in Beijing is the view of space as a threshold and transition between inside and outside, as expressed in traditional Chinese architecture. Special attention is directed towards the formulation of the space limiting areas receiving the function of a semi-permeable separation layer and a passage medium. Location of the design is the historic district Dazhalan, which is characterized by a small-scale, urban structure of narrow houses, notched courtyards and narrow streets. In field investigations, the students are to deal with traditional Chinese motifs and space images and interpret them into abstract graphic structures, moving images and spatial structures.

Fahim Mohammadi implants in the complex structure of the Dazhalan district a construction of progressive frames which incorporates the studio, workshop and sales room for designers. Charlotte Schmidt engages in her design with a transit- and intermediate space and takes local traffic movements as an opportunity to shape the terrain topography anew and fill it with temporary uses. Maren Bergmann develops different cultural district facilities that fit formally in the heterogeneous environment and are connected by a network of paths to each other.

The project is sponsored by a DAAD-funded study tour to Beijing and Shanghai.

Photography Workshop: Wolfgang Zurborn
Directed by: Carolin Höfler with Jennifer Hauger and Frank Seehausen