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MEDIA DESIGN | Bachelor Design Project | FLICKWERK

Experiments in collaborative design strategies to build shared structures out of found objects.

The project dived into physical -> digital -> physical workflows where the interface between information from either sphere flows constantly in both directions. 3D scanning techniques allowed for found geometries to be digitalized into CAD for a precise and targeted response to external conditions.
CAD and digital fabrication on the other hand, allowed for calculating precise fits, material efficiency and accurate execution of plans into physical objects.

As a collaboration oriented project, strategies for iterative design and data sharing were examined in CAD environments and through shared material databases. These were to provide iterative updates on the development of parts by different groups and to prevent issues of collision and incongruity.

Design guidelines for the development of joints included: minimal material waste, no irreversible alteration of source materials, intelligent use of materials in response to specific forces at node, considerations for the interface between objects (haptic and aesthetic).

Concept/taught by:
Carolina Meirelles R. S. Menezes

A_ Romina Söchtig, Lena Zimmermann, Maximilian Herscu, Jan Meyer, Lilia Spickschen, Finja Wagener, Philipp Baum, Sedat Han Uzun

B_ Elias Letter, Jesus Ramirez Pena, Georgii Bolshakov, Ziyin Chen, Rosana Abdo, Martin Moritz, Teresa Nguyen, Timo Drewitz, Lars Geiken, Reham Al Nasrallah, Marie-Jeannine Hieke Ueberschneidung 3D-3D a_1.jpg Ueberschneidung Foto-3D A01_1.jpg Philipp Baum MD1 Presenation Corner.jpg Verbinder Poster B01_1.jpgöchtig_LenaZimmermann_1.jpgÜbergruppe1_Plakat_1.jpg 3_Rosana Abdo_Teresa Nguyen_Martin Moritz_1_1.jpg