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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN | Master Thesis Project | Transforming Tegel | Berlin Tegel Airport

In a free master thesis with the emphasis on consumption, sustainability and urban living, the site of the former airport Berlin Tegel TXL is transformed.

After an intensive research about farming, food production, market, marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, sustainability as well as Berlin and the site of the airport the findings are converted into an experimental thesis:
Can Berlin TXL become a self-sufficient component of the city which works as a transition architecture between urban living and rural economisation?

The free areas of the runways and taxiways are consistently transformed into agricultural areas. Its size corresponds to the requirements for basic foods production of a 42.000 inhabitants medium sized city.
The architecture - a hybrid with a scale which classifies between building, mega-machine and city - spans these fields as a bridge. Beside living and urban infrastructure in the upper parts, processing of the food products up to disposal is organised in the lower floors.

“Urban Consumer Garden Berlin TXL” is a visionary proposal for a self-sustaining city hybrid in the 21st century.

Coaching by: Prof. Matthias Karch & Nicolai Schlapps
Examiner: Prof. Matthias Karch
Co-examiner: Prof. Dr. Vanessa Miriam Carlow (ISU TU-BS)
Student work by: Kerstin Herbst
Photography © Nicolai Schlapps