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MEDIA DESIGN | Master Design Project | Codifying Embodied Practices


The seminar explored the interface between physical modelling and digital processes. At this intersection, material behaviour acted as a primary determinant in form-finding and computational design tools (3D scanning, CAD, parametric software) were mixed and matched to find strategies for translating data from analogue to digital environments and vice-versa.

To dwell in both the physical and digital environments allows for the incorporation of different ways of knowing and thinking in design. Embodied perception of light, space and movement dominates physical material experimentation whereas accuracy, calculability and data-driven rationality is at the core of digital drawings and models. Can these be combined? What roles do drawings, physical models and digital models play in form-finding? Does the drive for calculability reduce our capacity for intuitive, embodied material investigation?

Concept/taught by: Carolina Meirelles R. S. Menezes

Student work by:

A_Magdalena Terziyska
B_Bingying Liu
C_Zhen Wang
D_Denis Muratovic