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MEDIA DESIGN | Intersection space

The section cut in architecture can be understood as a time-based representation that allows spatial relationships to be clearly illustrated, which is first accessible to the the local viewer through movement. The planimetric section drawing is a geometrically abstract image construction, which depicts the undistorted space - a form which the viewer does not experience in the space, since he observes it as distorted and shortened. Felix Schippmann explores in his work the perspective construction of a space with the help of a camera and compares them with the geometrically undistorted section cut. The subjects under investigation are the facades of two urban interconnected skyscrapers, which were built by architect Werner Kallmorgen in the 1960s in Hamburg. From the superposition of dimensionally correct and perspectively distorted representation of the facade pattern he developed his own geometric drawing system with which he creates complex ordinal structures visually and spatially.

Directed by: Carolin Höfler, Katharina Puhle