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MEDIA DESIGN | Experimental Printing Workshop | Walk the Line

"Alone the line is able to appear as a surface atop the whiteness of the paper, or perhaps transcends in the depth of an illusory space." (Max Imdahl)

Even in classical drawing, the line was both recognized as a contour (of the depicted object) as well as a trace (the individual artist's handwriting recognized). If you read the line as a kind of measurement of the surface, it will become obvious how closely linked format and surface characteristics of the carrier are with the drawing. The paper is more than a passive carrier. The boundaries of the paper may be subscribed to the reference system of each stroke. The substrate can be solely determined by its structure or perhaps by the previous influence over the drawing. Looking at the line as a trace of movement, it is clear how much influence the type of drawing tool and external forces act into the line. Theme of the course was influenced by external circumstances, ie, objective drawing.

Directed by: Katharina Puhle