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MEDIA DESIGN | City of Consumption

Analysis of the transformation of the urban situation in Berlin Friedrichshain with the 'Mercedes Benz Arena' in its center and the neighborhoods around. The result is an almost monofunctional city whose real purpose is mental distraction and mindless consumption.

Directed by
Prof. Matthias Karch with Antonia Cordes

Students work by
Mohammad Alawak, Lana Allouch, Khalaf Alo, Suzan Barri, Jonna Berg, Jason Bitz, Jonas Böttger, Johannes Buchenberger, Lena Busch, Shiling Cheng, Jonas Day, Sophie Ehmke, Ayse Eker, Tabea Eschemann, Anna-Lui- sa Ewald, Patrick Günther, Simaf Hajiali, Pia Heimes, Alice Heinrich, Jacob Hille, Lucas Hinderberger, Leonora Violante Kahlenborn, Tilman-Mathis Keßling, Silja Linke, Lillian Lismann, Edina Lode, Niklas Matz, Joanne Moldenhauer, Laurin Nahrius, Charlotte Neumeyer, Nayaz Othman, Thor Wendler