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MEDIA DESIGN | Bachelor Design Project | POWER OF SPACES

Which powers affect urban spaces?
How does a city work?
Which spaces can be identified?
Who are the stakeholders?
Where are problems and potentials?
Why are situations the way they are?

By pointing out the ugly sides of Braunschweig, specific topics were identified.
Researching media, collecting data, documenting, investigating, and field-mapping enriched the knowledge and led the way to site-and-topic-specific graphical systems.

In a collective digital drawing, these multi-dimensional multi-scale graphics, drawings, fragments, objects, and diagrams were gathered and interconnected.

This resulted in a complex navigatable and zoomable graphical system where different stories co-exist, enrich each other and show the highly complex system of urban environments.

Concept and directed by Nicolai Schlapps
Student tutor Jan Funk
Student work by
Sealed Surfaces
Adriana Gens, Christina Geronikolu, Ole Magnus Harms, Ibaa Labadi, Jasmin Lammerskitten,
Sonja Sorgenfrey
Bike Racing Track
Antonia Cordes, Joost Dräger, Leonie H. Fock, Jan Hüls
Ring Track Trail Card Game
Viktor Przyborowski
Rieke Ahlvers, Johanna Dexel, Mareile Gey, Karlotta Ingwersen, Laura Ivanov, Sief Kuban