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The process of turning an idea or an experience, turning a thought or a feeling, turning facts and statistics into something more understandable and presentable is Storytelling. This whole package that makes your audiences think about something and, in other words, feel and experience something is Storytelling.

The goal of this seminar was to create a 3D installation that carries a message or informs us about something or is just simply trying to show us something that we already know but in a different way. In our case, it was about Beirut and the explosion that happened on the 4th of August 2020.
Beirut's port explosion caused at least 215 deaths, 7500 injuries, 30 missing and huge amount of property damage; and of course, a lot of tension in the political and economic situation.

We have five stories, but it's better to say that we have one story with five layers. Instead of watching them individually, we need to watch them as one.

Concept | Directed by
Mohammad Reza Abdollahi Bidhendi

Student work by
A_ Andéol Bellec
B_ Julius Köhnlein
C_ Leonie Zimmerningkat
D_ May Rehse
E_ Qusay Awad

Andéol Bellec | Elie's stoty

Julius Köhnlein | A city that refuses to die

Leonie Zimmerningkat | Kafala

May Rehse | The Last Drop of Blood

Qusay Awad | Collective Trauma