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MEDIA DESIGN | Photopology 1

"The perceived thing is not an isolated Something with form and content, but rather the core of the court in which it presents itself. Traversed by a single horizon at which the respective Visible keeps his Invisible in latency." (Gottfried Boehm in "Augenmaß. Zur Genese der ikonischen Evidenz", in "Movens Bild. Zwischen Evidenz und Affekt", NCCR Iconic Criticism, Fink 08, S. 29)

In the experimental application of the composite photo technique, the performative aspects of a serial photography are investigated and visualized. In a planned controlled experimental set-up, a place is to be imagined "different", "blurred" and "latent" by the deliberate special use of the camera. By means of the graphic-vectorial representation technique, diffuse visible characteristics of the place are then identified and specified in the composite-photo. The inscribed dynamic and the spatial depth impression of the scene from the camera movement is to be particularly worked out.
The resulting "composite drawings" serve conclusively as a planning basis for the materialization of a spacial structure from layers, rods or frames.

Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld