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"A revolution normally lies ahead of us and is heralded with sound and fury. The algorithmic revolution lies behind us and nobody noticed it. That has made it all the more effective – there is no longer any area of social life that has not been touched by algorithms. Over the past 50 years, algorithmic decision-making processes have come very much to the fore as a result of the universal use of computers in all fields of cultural literacy – from architecture to music, from literature to the fine arts and from transport to management. The algorithmic revolution continues the sequencing technology that began with the development of the alphabet and has reached its temporary conclusion with the human genome project. No matter how imperceptible they may be, the changes this revolution has wrought are immense."

(Algorithmic Revolution, Exhibition Catalogue, Karlsruhe, Center for Art and Media, 2004/05, S. 1).

In the Bachelor Project "onLINE" the focus lies on the algorithmically determined drawing. First, graphic findings will be collected, systematically examined and transferred into individual structural drawings. They form the basis for the work with the drawing as a recording of movements, sequences and processes. The subjects of the recordings are the tone pieces of the so-called "noise" movements, the classic elements of music like the pure tone or the sound replaced by noises. The instructions will be derived from the noise recording, which will be transmitted to a photographic apparatus to create photogramm images focussed on structures and textures. Based on these images of overlapping structures moiré pattern models are developed.

Directed by: Dr. Carolin Höfler