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MEDIA DESIGN | Experimental Screen Printing | Scheme and system

All architectures are based on measurement frameworks which integrate the structural conditions of the components to each other. These systems can be reflected in the structuring of the surface or in spatial references. The illustration of the three-dimensional space is always an interplay of true measurement and ocularly sizes, depending on the projection method, whether working with a truncated perspective and aligned lines or with accurate plan elevations. Each of the two systems provides their own truth, and both underlie a geometric guideline, which is removed at the end of the design process again.

Similar to building auxiliary structures each guideline has its own power, because each line has its own registered function and is not representative of something else. With the help of screen-printing, these geometrical and constructive systems, which are used for the graphical reproduction of spatial references, should be made visible, developed and reinterpreted.

The focus of the investigation will be the housing projects of postwar modernism. What happens to the façade arrangements and proportions when they are truncated perspectively? To what extent does the reception of these internal systems depend on the point of view of the observer? When the planning base and the perspective construction encounter one another, new systems arise from the superimposition, which can be spatially interpreted and constructed.

Directed by: Katharina Puhle