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MEDIA DESIGN | Bachelor Design Project | Enter the Void | Berlin Alexanderplatz + Kulturforum

The first step in architecture should be a deep analysis of the site, its history, social and political conditions, geometries and people.
By mapping the urban conditions of Berlin Alexanderplatz and Kulturforum and transforming the drawings into experimental isometric graphics a multi-layered and unique perspective of the place is revealed.
The combination of architectural tools and methodology with artistic concepts form hybrid models of mixed media and techniques.

Concept and directed by Fabian Busse + Nicolai Schlapps
Student work by
Antonia Lüttig + Emilia Mittmann / Sebastian Musa + Patrick Schippan / Lara Roth / Urs Granatowski + Anja Jaekel / Robert Leinemann + Calvin Schwenke / Ulviye Kaya + Yuwei Zhu / Lisa Blotevogel + Larissa Wittig / Jonathan Bals + Nils Besler
Hannah Gelhaus / Amelie Korkisch + Christina Pickel / Tim Reinecke + Lilian Schwegler / Yannik Höhne + Eduard Kutz / Christian Martens + Johannes Rose / Esra Özek / Vassiliki Gliaia
Photography © Nicolai Schlapps