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MEDIA DESIGN | Parametric tiling

The discussion of the methodology of the tiling serves as the basis for entry into parametric design and digital fabrication. In addition to the digital creation of basic grids it is necessary to first filter out specific parameters of geometric shapes and manipulate them in rule-based sequences. This is done in the software environment of Rhino, as well as with some help from Grasshopper. Subsequently, a correlating modular tiling-system is to be developed, or more specifically a sub-element of the system. In so doing, a framework of set parameters for individual design principles for the geometric subdivisions and parametric area modeling should be worked out.

Aim of the course is the digital fabrication of the individual sub-elements on the CNC milling machine. In the sense of the term "file to factory", the course will go through the entire process from the form-finding in digital design (CAD) to digital manufacturing (CAM). The students generate their manufacturing data (G-code) using RhinoCAM directly from their digital design models and learn the creative use as well as certain manufacturing criteria of a CNC milling machine.

Directed by: Andrea Kondziela