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MEDIA DESIGN | Experimental Printing Workshop | Parts of space

The scenic space appears in the film as a two-dimensional projection and it conveys and indirect movement to the spectator. The viewer will be linked by the section not only through the narration but also through the space. It is the viewer himself who is the person moving in the real architecture. The reference system is the space. The eyes scan the scenery and the brain allows these individual pictures of the place to be created. Work is also done with parts of pictures and respective parts of space in the film. The parts are arranged along a time axis and combined into the film. The editor stipulates the sequence and he allows his choreography of the space to be created.

Not only the displayed space within the part but also the space outside the picture play a role while doing so. The spectator does not notice the pleasant view but he has an idea about how it continues outside the picture. If three-dimensional associations are projected onto the pictorial surface, then the spatial coordination will indeed be lost but new references within the picture´s level will arise in return. The individual settings are components of a multiple layer, with which the space can be read as a compaction or overlay of different levels.

The strategies of specific films for recording space and the references between section and architecture will be investigated, starting from the book entitled “Architecture in celluloid“ by Doris Agotai. The newly generated spaces will be graphically implemented with the assistance of the screen-printing technique.

Directed by: Katharina Puhle